Social and Physical Training

Intramural games and sports are conducted to give maximum opportunity to every boy to develop his/her student talents for leadership, sportsmanship and team sprit. Principles of trust, co-operation, self-reliance, hard work and honesty are inculcated in great measure through co curricular activities in the school. Some of the co-curricular activities encouraged at St. Xavier’s are: public speaking, dramatics, drawing and painting, music and singing; excursions and educational tours. The house system (In the high school) controls most of these activities.

 For physical education one hundred marks per term will be included in the general proficiency at the end of the school year.

 The games period is compulsory for all and all should take part in it.

 Students of Stds. VI to XII should have their respective house banians. This is part of the school uniform.

 Boys selected for the school – team should be prepared to stay on after the class hours and even come on holidays for coaching and team practice. They should be ready to represent the school irrespective of place, date and time.

 For the sports day, House day, Wednesdays and other functions, students of Std. VI to XII must have one pair of white trousers, white shoes and socks, and those of Std.-V and below must have white short paints, white shoes and socks.