School Committees (2022-23)

Academic Committee

  • Mr. S.P. Laha (Coordinator)
  • Mrs. Alka Singh
  • Mr. Santosh Kumar
  • Mrs. Reshma Shikha Tigga
  • Mr. Shivesh Kr. Singh
  • Mr. Abhishek Gupta
  • Ms. Amrita Mukherjee
  • Mrs. Nabonita Gupta
  • Mrs. Seema Singh
  • Mr. Raju C. A. Singh

Discipline Committee/ Disaster Management Committee

  • Mr. Raju C.A. Singh (Coordinator)
  • Mr. Gambhir Kumar
  • Mrs. Sunita Bhagat
  • Mrs. Seema Singh
  • Mr. Sanjay Dungdung
  • Mr. Dennis Dawson
  • Mrs. Pallavi Singh
  • Mrs. Reshma Shikha Tigga
  • Br. Mathew Kawa, SJ

Co-curricular/Cultural Activities Committee

  • Mr. Dennis Dawson (Coordinator)
  • Mrs. Seema Singh
  • Mrs. Rema T. Das
  • Mrs. Pallavi Singh
  • Mrs. Shreya Tirkey
  • Mrs. Rashmi Tirkey
  • Mrs. Madhu Shilpi Beck
  • Br. Mathew Kawa, SJ
  • Ms. Ritu Ranjana Kachhap

Academic Committee (Areas of work)

  • Preparing syllabus for respective subjects for the Academic year
  • Evaluating the Syllabus with respect to its rationale, difficulty level, volume, time etc.
  • Dividing the intended syllabus for a term into units with proper time frame considering the grasping capability of students.
  • Developing and conducting diagnostic tests at the completion of a unit in order to assess the proficiency of students and to identify problems if any.
  • Monitoring progress of topics and chapters in each subject and class every fortnight, ensuring that the same topics/chapters are being taken up by the various teachers teaching in different sections of a class.
  • Conducting departmental meetings as and when required to discuss and solve issues that may rise from time to time.
  • Organizing micro teaching sessions for respective departments and providing feedback to teachers of one’s own department.
  • Selecting teachers for setting of question papers for Terminal and Annual examinations and forwarding names to the Principal. [Decision of the Principal will be final in this regard].
  • Setting guide lines for setting of question papers
  • Moderating question papers with regard to the content, language, difficulty level and logical weight age of marks.
  • Ensuring that answer schemes are prepared and submitted before the examinations to the head of Department who in turn will pass it on the concerned subject teachers after having gone thorough it.
  • Ensuring thorough and systematic evaluation of answer scripts with comments as required.
  • Monitoring correction of exercise copies from time to time.
  • In case of a long absence of a teacher/teachers, substituting other teachers, so that the class may not lag behind in that particular subject.
  • Proposing examination schedule and time table in consultation with the Principal and the Prefect.
  • Any other work that may be required to be done in the field of academics.

Co-curricular Activities Committee (Areas of work)

  • To make a list of the forth coming programs for the next 6 months.
  • Foreseeing the necessary preparations to be made for the same in terms of practice, rehearsals, communications to be made, etc.
  • A proper file of all the correspondence must be maintained in chronological order
  • Assigning specialized areas of works to various members of the committee according to their caliber and interests.
  • Informing concerned people about requirements (stagecraft, costumes, makeup or any other props or material of the sort) for the successful conduct of the programme.
  • Arranging practices with least loss of teaching and learning hours (you may be required to consult the Principal/Vice Principal/Prefect in this matter).
  • Making announcements for various activities and inviting students to enroll for participation.
  • Conducting auditions for the selection of various programs to be showcased for the event.
  • Ensuring the quality and relevance of items presented with respect to the occasion for which preparations are being made. (special care must be taken regarding script lyrics and choreography)
  • Training of volunteers for various tasks for various occasions specially escorting of guests and dignitaries, stage management, assisting teachers in makeup and  costume, compeering and any other work required as per the need of the occasion.
  • Select, train and maintain a perfect school choir.
  • Revive CLC and conduct regular meetings, training programs, exposures and interactive sessions.
  • Plan and organize social awareness programs.
  • Prepare students for various competitions at the Zonal, Regional and the National level.
  • Organize various inter-school Co-curricular activities such as I.T., G.K. and Mathematics Quiz etc.
  • Organize National Feasts and Festivals.

Discipline Committee/ Disaster Management Committee

► Maintenance of day to day discipline in and around the school campus with respect to the following :

  • Punctuality – in reaching school and class at assigned time. Regular defaulters and occasional defaulters to be identified and brought to task.
  • Monitoring general personal appearance of students with respect to uniform cleanliness and correctness. Proper grooming of hair, nails, shoes etc.
  • Monitoring class discipline/class management.
  • Ensuring smooth and silent movement of students during and after breaks and during the change of periods.
  • Ensuring that each class has a teacher during class hours and if not immediately inform the Prefect.
  • Reviving DOD
  • Ensuring presence of teachers in charge during morning and recessional assembly.
  • Dealing with minor issues of indiscipline on the part of the students on the spot and incase of more serious offences reporting and consulting the matter with committee members and Fr. Principal.
  • Ensuring that all teachers not having class during the last period on Wednesday are down with the boys for the house meeting.
  • Reviewing the work of captains and vice-captains from time to time and suggesting any change if required
  • Enforce the use of English language in the school campus and in the bus.
  • Plan and organize House days on different Wednesdays through the year.

► Disaster Management

  • Attending to any incident of accidents in the class room, corridors, stairways or playground.
  • Immediately arranging for first aid and if required transporting to the hospital.
  • Informing parents and other concerned authorities of the school about such incidents.
  • Ensuring systematic movement of students at all times with a view to avoid, stampede or accidents.
  • Training students in evacuation of school building in minimum time with minimum confusion and damage (considering earthquakes and outbreak of fire).
  • Being observant about the presence of any unidentified, suspicious individuals in and around the school campus and report any such case to the Principal.
  • Contacting through the hospitals, fire brigade, ambulance, police etc through the available phone numbers.

Language Enforcement Committee

  • Creation of an atmosphere for English
  • Managing the Signum System well
  • Creation of some literary activities as imposition
  • Imposition of corrective measures as reminders
  • Meeting parents to inform them about the regular defaulters

Value of the Week Committee

  • Mrs. Rema Das (Co-coordinator)
  • All the class teachers
  • Ensuring the follow-up of the value of the week class wise
  • Ensuring that teacher (as master of ceremony) is present for the morning assembly as well as during recessional assembly.
  • Preparing of Notice Board on the value of the week class wise. (The Notice Board to be placed near the Principal’ office)
  • Receiving of names of students and giving away of badge of Merits

Inter Class English Elocution Contest (Committee Members)

  • Mrs. Rema Das (Coordinator)
  • Mr. Raju Singh
  • Mrs. Reshma
  • Mrs. Angela Kachhap
  • Ms. Madhu Shilpi Beck

Inter Class Hindi Elocution Contest (Committee Members)

  • Mrs. Alka Singh (Coordinator
  • Mrs. Sunita Bhagat
  • Mrs. Christina Kujur
  • Mrs. Suniti Mishra

In-charge Teachers for upcoming inter school competitions 2022-23

  • Declamation contest : Mr. Raju C.A. Singh & Mrs. Reema T. Das
  • Debate Contest : Mrs. Jasleen K.Kujur & Mrs. Sangita
  • Creative Writing Contest : Mrs. Reema T. Das & Mrs. Nabonita Gupta
  • Quiz Contest : Mr. Dennis
  • Painting Contest : Mrs. Alka Singh
  • Inter Jesuit Elocution Contest : Mr. Raju & Mrs. Reema T. Das

Annual Exhibition (Committee Members)

  • Mrs. Kalpana Verma (Co-coordinator)
  • Mrs. Priyanka (Chemistry)
  • Ms. Sanaa (Physics)
  • Mr. Santosh Kumar (Computer/ IT)
  • Mrs. Angela Kachhap (History & Civics)
  • Ms. Shreya Tirkey (Geography)