A well stocked library is open to the pupils on all class days. It is also supplied with periodicals and magazines and is a veritable treasure house of reference books and encyclopedias. Each class is given a library period where the students are to read the books and make review of them.

The reading of books is conducive to the formation of good mind and it is a source of general knowledge.

  • Students of standard VI and above can ask for books from the librarian. For the boys of Prep to Std. V library books will be available from the class teacher.
  • Damage to a book or a loss of a book is to be made good by the offender.
  • All must read a minimum of twelve English books and six Hindi books in a year. A one page summary of each book read must be shown to the librarian or three marks for every book not read will be deducted from English I in the final