Computer Education

 Technological advancement affects every aspect of our society. The technology is changing with rapid speed, and now the computers are becoming inseparable part of our lives. Since “Education” is an important part for our lives, “computers” are being introduced to the students as early as possible.

 Computer Education in St. Xavier’s Doranda started in the year 1992 and at present it is at par with the best and latest in computer industry. Our aim is not only to secure good marks in ICSE/ISC but also to make the students learn students learn and use computers as an effective tool.

 Use of Information Technology : For computer education two well-furnished labs are available for the students with two periods every week.

 The teachers are encouraged to use computer to make their subject of teaching more interesting. To provide the students with the internet facilities the school has provided VSAT connection and so regular internet connection is available for them on class days. The students are guided and encouraged to have access to different educational sites. The school has established a good CD library for different subjects and different classes. It has also a multimedia projector for the students for screen display of different educational CDs

 Easy & Visual approach: Multimedia projectors are being used to make the subject matter clear and understandable to the students

 Internet & Entertainment: It is an attempt to combine education with entertainment to make the education more interesting. Internet facility is made available to the students for exposure to the outside world.

 The school is providing online culture to the students and the guardians. The online facilities will open up many avenue for I.T. to make the students learn and get well- informed.

 IT exhibitions and IT quizzes are organized to help students explore new vistas present in IT Industries.

Computer Lab Rules

Take off your shoes before entering the lab.

 Don’t carry any external CDs or Pendrives to the lab.

Occupy the place allotted to you. You will be responsible for any eventuality.

Always have your program / assignment ready.

Take note of all the important information.

Don’t tamper with or break the software / hardware.

Shut down the computer before you leave the room.

Smart Class

Each class has a digital smart board and system to facilitate modern, enhanced and effective teaching-learning process. „