The School Crest

The School Crest represents the totality or wholeness of Jesuit Education. The blue lines represent the water of the river, which once flowed by side of the school. The red squares signify one’s endeavor to reach goals, step by step, by cultivating virtues such as self reverence, self knowledge and self control.

The motto is a two word Sanskrit equivalent to Virgil’s “Labor Omnia Vincit improbus’. It literally means “No ideal shall be denied to inflexible striving” or “strive manfully to excel.”

The three letters IHS is a monogram of the name Jesus and its full form is Jesus Hominum Salvator, meaning Jesus, Saviour of men.

The circle in which the letters are engraved represents the sun, the source of light and heat, which symbolizes truth and love, the underlying principles to achieve the motto.

The four colours of the school flag – Red, Blue, Green and yellow – representing the four Houses into which the whole school is divided, also find a place in the school crest as these colours denote the achievements of the mind, prowess in sport and physical fitness, integrity and nobility of character.