School Policies

General Policy

 K.G. – Prep : Children are evaluated throughout the year for all two terms at par with the other classes I to V. Each subject is tested for 100 marks, be it oral or Written. These 100 mark tests are broken up into 10 mark tests for each period i.e. 10 tests=100 marks= 1 test.

 Junior Section : Eligibility for promotion is 33% minimum in each paper. For Stds. III, IV: If a student fails in English, Hindi and Maths or in any four papers he will not be considered for promotion. For Stds. I and II : Failing in any Three papers will disqualify for promotion.

 The principal promotes a student in consultation with the staff. His decision is final.

 A student who fails in English will be detained.

 A student who misses an examination may not appear at a later date. If the absence is justified, the fact will be taken into account at the end of the Academic year. Parents are, therefore, requested not to send their children for an examination when they are ill or are recovering from an illness.

 Minimum attendance required for promotion :

1.Class K.G.-V – 85%
2.Class VI -XII – 90%

 Evaluated Answer papers of First and Second Terminal Examinations are shown to the parents. But answer papers of the Final Examinations will not under any circumstances be shown to the guardians or to the private tutors.

 Use of unfair means in any Terminal examination disqualifies one from being promoted to the next class.

 Those who fail in any subject will not be ranked.

 A student who fails twice in the same standard will be asked to leave the school.

 The names of those who are not promoted are struck off the roll unless the parents make a written request to the contrary within 3 days of the publication of results.