Shining Star – Sports

Badminton Teams won the Championship in Inter-School Tournament

 Miss Shipha Kujur

Miss Shipha Kujur is a teenager of various talents. The Class-XII St. Xavier’s student lives in Konka, Ranchi, is a state-level basketball player and, more unusually, a gifted player of the Nagara—The Tribal drum generally played by men. The daughter of a railway employee and a banker mother. Shipha sees herself in a white coat one day, providing medical help to those who can’t afford good healthcare.

 An Interview

♦ What I want to be

God created us with a specific purpose. I want to fulfill that by becoming a doctor and serving the needy

♦ My idea of India

It’s a multi-racial, multi-lingual and multi-cultural country. I am disheartened to find that increasingly we have little respect for each other.

♦ What religion means to me

It’s not just worshipping or believing in God or Allah. There is someone with whom we can share everything and who will take care of us all.

♦ What money means to me

It’s important but I don’t want much. I want to be a doctor to serve people, not to earn good money.

♦ Who I will vote for

For someone who can foresee things and work for welfare of the people.

♦ My fantasy

To have a small, successful family with all its members serving those who need help.

♦ My idol

My mother, with whom I have an excellent rapport.

♦ What makes me angry

When I face chaotic traffic.

♦ I am most proud of

Being what I am. I want to be known as an amicable person and feel proud when others believe I’ve that quality.

♦ What I can’t live without

My family.