Clubs and Related Activities

Through the Literary and Public Speaking Club and Dramatics Club the students have gained proficiency in Elocution, Debate and Extempore speeches; creative writing skills have found expression in the School Magazine ‘Endeavour’ and bulletins like the ‘Echo” Inter-class competitions provide the opportunity for students to showcase their skill in effective communication and compete for the Vipul Vijay Memorial Shield (Elocution ) and Arun Mangla shield (Debate) and Bhalla Memorial Shield (Elocution).

Science and Mathematics Clubs

 Science and Mathematics Clubs have inspired students in their quest for scientific knowledge. Science Exhibition is one of the important academic events of the school where students show their Scientific knowledge. A well equipped Mathematics Lab frees students from Maths Phobia. Their participation in the Science exhibition , Mathematics & Science Olympiads, NTSE and Cyber Olympiads have sown the seeds for pursuing professional courses, taking students to places of prestige and honor in different professions, all over the world.

 School curriculum books are not the only source of information, nor is the class room the only place to acquire it. St. Xavier’s encourages interaction between teachers and students convinced that the amorphous dynamics of large groups unravel the spirit of Leadership, team spirit, sharing, self reliance and a distinct rise in self confidence.

 The fifty years have been witness to various inter-class Quiz Programmes, like the JKVM and Lovina Trophy. The X Quizite, a venture started with the aim of encouraging interested students have born fruit with many students becoming more enthusiastic to enter the arena of competition.


A well stocked library is open to the pupils on all class days. It is also supplied with periodicals and magazines and is a veritable treasure house of reference books and encyclopedias. Each class is given a library period where the students are to read the books and make review of them.


Melody of the soul : The TIMS (Talent in Music and Singing) has been the precursor to many music bands of young aspiring musicians. The Audible and Sparsh have been able to express the unexpressed through music.

The school choir and school band have made many occasions both meaningful and memorable. Due attention is paid to physical training and games. Two large and open playgrounds afford space for cricket, football, basketball and other games and recreations.