For the last 20 years, I have been the part of distinguished Xaverian family in Doranda. I have seen the school making great progress. I have witnessed its evolution in almost every area of education. You can feel the mark of excellence everywhere. In academics, we have been breaking newer grounds day after day at the Board Exams. A big number of students are getting ninety percent and above. Many in the recent past have successfully qualified to study at renowned educational institutes. Some have even got good ranks in the nationwide competitive examinations. Our students have been holding our Xaverian flag aloft.

Then, it has been a great time for us in co-curricular activities as well. Year after year, our students have been winning all hearts with their skills at public speaking and debates. It has almost become a tradition for us to produce good debaters and lively writers. The school is privileged to have students who have won national level debates, essay contests and declamation contests. We effectively organized MUN (Mock United Nation) debates and symposium to orientate our students on global developments. The programme did boost the essence of our public speaking initiatives in our curriculum.

In the arena of sports, the school has always been at the top. We regularly have a good number of students who represent our school at the regional and national sports meet. . It is rightly said that “A Xaverian is born to lead”. Indeed, it has all been possible due to the ever growing infrastructures of the school and because of very dedicated and qualified staff. Not only have our teachers gone beyond the confines of time and space in ensuring a quality education to our students but they have also created a conducive atmosphere for the same.

Recently the school went through the self review process supported by external review team and it is a matter of pride that the school received the National Silver Medal, a single school to be accredited to this level among all Jesuit schools in Central Zone Provinces. Now the school is striving to achieve the National Gold Medal. It is truly heartening to see how we are constantly looking for regenerations and standardizations. Education today is a very dynamic process. The objectives and methods of educational activities are experiencing some striking changes. As such, our school too has to keep up with the pace.

Again, in keeping with these changes, the school has also gone for the appropriate use of Information Technology in class room teachings and office management. We are becoming more efficient in our normal functioning of the school works. Besides, we have also become tech savvy school when we launched our school app. Technology is evolving and so is the means of education. Therefore, we always look forward to the induction of the best means available in matters of education. The initiation of SMART CLASSES few years behind was a big transformation in this regard.

Moreover, we are already in the process of getting bigger infrastructure by the year 2020. VISION 2020 is an ambitious project of the school to have more space and amenities for our children. We would be celebrating sixty years in 2020 and we would like to make it majestic and memorable. We have to move forward and it would be nice to have better things even in the days to come for the development of our school and for the love of humanity.

I believe that education is far beyond the precincts of class room learning. St. Xavier’s is determined to educate our students beyond the class rooms and make them global citizens. Just a few days behind, the batch 1970 visited the school from different parts of the world. Not only did this visit make them nostalgic but it also encouraged us to give noble education to our students. Our students are settling all round the world in search of better life. This has certainly been a good sign in spreading the true Xaverian Spirit.

I sincerely feel that the education must help us to have more joy, peace and knowledge amidst us. It should always be constructive and hopeful in building a better world for us. Hence, the school keeps highlighting among our students social issues and global concerns that we have been facing since a long period of time. We organized many activities to stress on the matters of Environmental problems. All our educational activities in the school have been underlining the very important themes of Environment, Ecology and Human Rights.

I congratulate all the staff, students and their parents for their constant support and encouragement in bringing out the best of everything we do. I also thank Doranda Old Xaverians (An Alumni Association of the School) for their valuable presence in every activity of the school and inspiring us to excel in our every effort.


God Bless Xaverians!

Fr. Sanjay Kerketta

The Secret of Success

  Unclear Objectives.
  Failure to Plan.
  Failure to Set Priorities.
  Poor Scheduling.
  Lack of Self-Discipline.
  Attempting to do too much at one time Over-Confidence.
  Lack of Confidence & Unnecessary Tension.

  Too much Socializing.
  Unnecessary Discussions.
  Unwanted Visitors.
  T.V. and Radio.
  Telephone Interruptions.

 Fix up your goal.
 My goal is to score – Marks. My goal is to get 1st Division. My goal is to come in the merit list. My goal is to get through competitive exam. My goal is to get admission in….
 Fix up the goal and make an earnest effort to achieve it.
 Focus on achieving the Goal.
 Focus on making a dedicated and organized effort towards achieving the Goal.

Have full Determination to achieve your goal. Without determination you don’t make full effort and without full effort you can’t achieve anything. By making half-hearted effort you will never achieve your goal. When you fix up a goal, it is your commitment to yourself to achieve it. You have to fulfill your commitment, and for that you will have to make an honest effort. When you determine to achieve your goal, you should have a positive attitude.

I can achieve my goal. I can certainly score —- marks. I am capable of scoring —– marks.
I will certainly get through ——. I will show to the world I am capable of achieving——–.
With positive attitude your self-confidence increases. When you make an honest effort with self- confidence, you will surely achieve your goal. Positive attitude will increase your Will Power. With positive attitude, will power and determination you will overcome your fears and mental blocks.

Motivation means having a desire to do something. Motivate yourself. Only self-motivation works. To be motivated you first of all need to know exactly what you want to get from your study. To be motivated, you also need to appreciate the value of learning the thing to be learned. If you are highly interested in learning a subject you have to be highly motivated. The more highly you are motivated, the better and faster you will learn.

  For good motivation it is desirable to understand the over-all objective of an assignment as well as to have in mind immediate, specific objective. For good motivation you must feel that the assignment before you is very important. We are most interested in learning things that we clearly recognize are important to us.