Chairman’s Message


Dear Xaverians, 

I firmly believe that you are taking care of yourself and helping your family in this crisis time! I also believe that you are fully aware of the ills and risks of Covid-19. Amidst the new ways of life effected by the guidelines of our government, I am sure you are spending your time efficiently with your near and dear ones. Certainly, we are all experiencing new dimensions of life in all spheres of our world.


We have been put to test ourselves in a grand trial. We can either choose to patiently work together and help each other to tide over this crisis, or turn away from each other in fear. Almost everyone is undergoing very queer anxiety. This is very normal and on expected lines. Fortunately, God has given us Faith and Trust in Perseverance. This is why the whole world is consistently working round the clock to offset the impact of Covid-19. We are all becoming positive day by day to stay informed and cautious. Preventive measures are definitely the best ways to welcome HOPE.

I would like to sincerely thank Management, staff, students, parents and alumni for devising and effecting alternative ways and means in the process of teaching and learning during the pandemic time since March 2020. Presently, the government has withdrawn many restrictions to ease our daily life. However, the prevailing scenario looks far from normalcy. A lot of uncertainty is still clouding the normal functioning of our state of affairs. Hence, envisioning your safety and your health, the school has been firm on protocols and in-practice measures of the time. I do admire your sound judgment and patience in this regard. I know how you have had to face various obstacles and tribulations which lurked all about you to defeat your purposes in life. Let me assure you that we are all in it together. You are not alone. We have to navigate through these wild waves of panic together. 

Despite the anxieties, fears, and uncertainties of Covid-19, we have been able to move forward. Yes, we are capable, strong, and resilient. We may not be able to control the current situation fully but we can positively control our life in our thoughts, actions, and choices. We can rise above these challenging times and continue with our duty and ministry together as one Xaverian community. 

Let us then strive to be hopeful, courageous and resilient. Let us draw strength from each other as we pray for cures and healing touches. As we face the pandemic, do not forget that God is with us and that we have to deepen our faith in the goodness of God. Be mindful that protection from disease must begin within us. Always wear masks, wash your hands frequently and observe social distancing. Remember that our mental health is as important as our physical one. So, take care of your personal life before you reach out to others. 

Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, today is a gift of God, which is why we call it the present.” ― Bill Keane

While we enter a new academic year from April 2021, I would like to suggest that besides excelling at academics, imbibing moral values of life are also equally important. These should constitute the foundation   of our everyday life. In the pursuits of our education, career, family life, social life and religious life, morality should not be compromised. This is the only way we would be a good society and a great nation at large.

Although, technology and innovation are going to be the key facilitators of success in future, let us not forget that we have to follow our minds in the choice of our careers and future passions. The world has enough possibilities and opportunities for those who work hard to gain success. Dream big and be passionate in whatever you do.  Show some determination and dedication. Push yourselves to all the limits of your individual capabilities. This is the only way one ever has and will ever be on the ladder of success and among ranks of legends. 

I am confident that you have an attentive spirit to listen to your conscience.  Follow its call and the mission is yours to witness. 

I especially wish all the best for ICSE & ISC 2021 students who are going to appear their board examinations starting from May 2021. Be assured of my prayers for all of you.

God bless Xaverians!

With Regards,
Fr. Ajit Kumar Xess, SJ


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